This year's PSAT memes are here to anger the College Board     DATE: 2024-07-22 05:50:42

On Wednesday, high school students across the country took the PSAT and NMSQT (National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test). And, of course, a bunch of teens reading the exact same content means there will be memes.

PSAT memes generally fall into three categories: memes about text anxiety, memes about the test's contents, and memes about the College Board getting mad at students for sharing memes about the test's contents.

The College Board maintains that it will cancel the scores of anyone discovered meme-ing the actual test. Some students attempt to get around this rule by blocking the College Board Twitter account or sharing memes only on their finstas; however, test memes are in slightly lesser supply on the internet this year. They're still there, though.

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You'll also find memes from the College Board itself.

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But while the College Board's tweets did seem to decrease the number of test memes out there (they're not gone entirely, though — while we won't put individual tweets here and put anyone in jeopardy, dubious feminism and ambiverts seem to be themes) they also inspired a fresh wave of memes making fun of the College Board for being so litigious.

Outside the "silence, brand" arena, test-takers are sharing jokes about their testing experiences in general. (Read: how anxiety-inducing the whole ordeal was.) It's understandable — standardized tests are stressful and way too high-stakes for their own good.